This story is based on my sister Quincy's two cats, Mischief and Tinker. Mischief and Tinker were both adopted from New York City animal shelters and their distinct and determined personalities are reflected in this tail.

Quincy taught me the importance of feminism.  A feminist is anyone who believes that girls and boys deserve the same rights and treatment. Many leading thinkers emphasize that equality for women—at school, in the workplace, and elsewhere—will be instrumental in eradicating many of humanity’s greatest problems. It’s in the best interest of all of us to support one another!

About the Author

Tasha is a fifth-generation Californian. Her roots are in San Diego but she has been fortunate to travel, study and work around the world. She graduated from Dartmouth College in 2015. She loves horseback riding, the ocean, carrot cake, jewelry design, adventures and her family. Tasha wants all girls to feel empowered and confident in their ability to achieve their dreams.